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Kaya Tetsu

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 5:15 am    Post subject: Eleena Reply with quote

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: She likes her brown hair cropped short, like a boys as it is easy to take care of. She sports hazels eyes and tanned skin from days of farm work. While only a mere 5' 4'', much shorter than most of the lads (and appearing small to them), she has a sturdy build for a female and is fairly muscled from days of chores and exercise.

Personality: Smart,but not book smart. She grew up on a farm not much schooling though she can read and write. Shes not particularly skilled with numbers, but has a forte in puzzles and strategies. She keeps to herself generally, as shes not used to many people around. Shes generally friendly, but stubborn, headstrong, and independent.

Background: Her fathers has been in the military since she was little, leaving her older brother to take care of her and her mother. A few years ago, when she was 12, her brother left to join the military. This left her in charge on the farm. Neither of them have been in contact with her for almost two years. Shes been practicing her hand to hand and her swordplay since her brothers departure, though she hasn't held a real sword since her brother left taking his blade with him. She is also a fair archer, as it is needed for hunting and to keep unwanted predators away from livestock. While she is fairly talented in these areas, she would still scream green to any veterans.

She has a rough idea of whats going on and after the war, she hopes to find her brother and her father and maybe return to her farm.

Picture found on deviant art.
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