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PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2010 12:58 am    Post subject: Tavis Reply with quote

Tavis Quiloment: He grew up in the Royal Palace in Carhein as one of the more prominent serving families of House Damodred. They were actually a not quite notable, but not quite insignificant Noble House themselves that closely aligned with the ruling family. Despite the wishes of his parents, he ended up practicing with the court bards. He loved music, shows and tales, and developed quite a hand for it all, as well as a head for the Game of Houses, which all in Carhein are expected to know like the backs of their hands anyway. He eventually became chief bard (and assassin) for King Laman Damodred, However, with him making a Throne out of the sapling of the Avendosora tree from the Aiel disgusted him, along with a great many in the people in the nation. As such, he has left the Court and became a common gleeman (although one of unusual talent). He has also had a hand in the education of many Court Bards in many nations. He's a short man with long, silvery hair, sharp dark eyes, and an angular face as well as hands with long, thin and calloused fingers from years of performing.
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