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Kate - Terran Ghost

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Kaya Tetsu

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PostPosted: Sat May 29, 2010 1:00 am    Post subject: Kate - Terran Ghost Reply with quote

Agent 26264 – Terran Ghost
Real Name: Kate
Age: Around 20 or so
Hair: Brown, short-just past the ears
Eyes: Hazel eyes
Height: 5’4”

Kate was born on a fringe world and so was able to escape detection at birth. At age 6 she began to show signs of her psychic abilities. She could read minds, at first just those of her family members and with good intentions. This first showed itself when her mother became very worried over a matter, which she would not discuss with Kate. Kate however, found out the source of her mother’s trouble was the family’s debt. The young girl consequently got caught stealing from a local merchant. Thankfully the problem was easily resolved, in such a small colony. When her mother confronted her about theft, she was surprised by Kate’s response about her mother’s worry about debt. Her mother then made Kate swear to keep her physic abilities a secret. Kate understood that discovery meant she would be torn away from her parents to become a soldier, neither of which was desirable to her. She was determined enough to stay with her family that she learned to control her emotions and her abilities enough to stay undetected, not that many wranglers came calling in her small colony.

When she was 11 she was the source of an accident that resulted in the death of her parents and the severe injury of her best friend Gale. A wrangler had decided that a small colony that h ad long gone by the wayside was a good place to go hunting. He’d detected her and confronted her where she was walking through town with her parents and Gale. The wrangler ‘accidently’ killed her mother, causing a loss of control on Kate’s part. This left the wrangler, as well as her father, dead and Gale gravely injured. She didn’t know what to do. A man from the Sons of Korhal, a newly formed rebel group approached her then, her abilities made it easy to determine that he could be trusted. The group offered to shelter her and also took in Gale, nursing him back to health. He would eventually make a full recovery and join the Son’s ranks. The sons managed to shelter her for about a year before the confederacy captured her, sedating her in process, and wiped her memory so as to be assured they could mold her into a loyal ghost.
She was immediately trained as a ghost, and spent her four years at the academy, passing with flying colors and invaluable with her abilities as a teek. She spent the next four years serving the confederacy on various missions. When the confederacy fell, Mengsk was able to recruit her by helping her regain partial memories of the help she received from the Sons before her memory had been wiped. He convinced her to follow him and join the Dominion. He also convinced her that it was what Gale would’ve wanted, as he believed Gale dead. Gale however was alive and had defected to Raynor’s Raiders, under an alias.
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