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The Four Magicians - Background

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2009 1:18 am    Post subject: The Four Magicians - Background Reply with quote

The Four Magicians – Background
Basic setting: Altriar – and in particular Mythras – is a modern world that grew out of the more traditional fantasy worlds. Magic is relatively common and well-integrated into society in general.
It is a time of war across Altriar. Five months ago, there was a terrible battle at the borders of the Ashaadite Empire. There, Arik, Kathrimurko and Kamoseri, three of the prophesied Four Magicians, confronted Matthias, who was controlled by a demon. They freed Matthias from the demon’s chain, but also freed the demon. Now, the War of the Demon enters a new phase, with the demon free, and in control of Ashaad. But worst of all, there are no Four to stand in the way of the demon’s rampage: Arik is critically injured and struggles for life in a hospital in Eriz, Kathrimurko and Kamoseri are captives of the demon. Matthias himself has mysteriously disappeared.
On the Coral Continent, bands of freedom fighters struggle with a newly installed tyrannical government, the result of a recent coup.
The Nations
There are five nations in the Western Mythras, they are Falor, Serikar, Gyliun, Ariner and Altion. To the east is Ashaad and various other nations. To the south is the Coral Continent, and to the West is the Perineth. Most of the action is centered around Mythras, which has been thrown into a time of turmoil and trouble. Brief descriptions of the nations follow:
Falor – a small nation to the north of Gyliun, and to the west of Ariner. It was once the hub of a mighty empire that has fallen but has since faded into a small country, with a minor role on the world stage. Capitol is Mangorin.
Serikar – the so-called ‘magic capitol’ of the world. It is being dragged into modern times kicking and screaming, so to speak – with constant disputes with more forward-thinking individuals who are in favor of allowing modern tech into the country, versus the traditionalists, who oppose it on moral grounds (citing Gyliun as an influence for this, Serikarian prejudice against Gyliun is a powerful force, and dates back to the Serikar-Gyliun war). A thriving black market exists in Serikar, dealing especially in modern tech. Capitol is Sormert.
Gyliun – the ‘science capitol’ of the world, headquartered at Hiric. Gyliun despises Serikar as they despise Gyliun. They are literal progressives, looking obsessively forward, but never backwards. They also have outlawed religion – anyone who practices it are sentenced to death – and magic, the official government position being that such things do not exist. Capitol is Hiric.
Ariner – a nation east of Gyliun and heavily involved in the war on the eastern frontlines. It is a mixture of magic and technology with an elected monarchy. Capitol is Veritorm.
Altion – a nation east of Serikar, south of Gyliun. It is mountainous in the north, with hills in the South, also heavily involved in the war against the Ashaadites and the demon. Arinerian and Altion armies are linked by a joint alliance. Capitol is Ackor.

Laws of Magic
Magic is uncommon, but not unexpected, on Mythras. It works on four central rules, which are:
1. Each form of magic has its own forms of response and usage.
2. One type of magic cannot be made to act like another type, without difficulty. (for example, Air shouldn’t act like Earth, and Fire shouldn’t act like Water, but the more adept can bend this rule).
3. Meditation is required for the harnessing of magic.
4. Larger spells are easier to work than smaller spells, but this is in proportion to a mage’s skill, energy and power levels. A novice cannot create a tsunami and drown a city on accident.
There are Twelve types of Magic:
1. Fire
2. Water
3. Earth
4. Air
5. Lightening
6. Light – Unusual of itself, as mages with the power of light do not find this power within themselves, but have to inherit it from another person, who dies, and to use its potential must be willing to surrender everything to further its glory. Those with Light live for a long time.
7. Darkness – possessed only by Matthias at the moment.
8. Balance – possessed only by Kathrimurko at the moment
9. Mind
10. Space
11. Spirit
12. Prophecy – the only magical ability that doesn’t require use of meditation to harness (although it helps to focus visions and bring clarity to visions given.)
A path taken is paths forsaken.
-Old Altion proverb
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