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Thief: The Dark RP

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 3:02 am    Post subject: Thief: The Dark RP Reply with quote

The Thiefverse is unusual in the fantasy environment, but is conveniently small enough to not take a year and a half to learn.

Setting: The City. A metropolis mostly in the traditional late medieval setting. However, a few interesting innovations, electricity and steam power first of all. Of course, these are mostly reserved for the very rich, as those less fortunate are often found wanting. The city is a very large sprawling metropolis with many regions, a walled off, supposedly haunted quarter, the South Quarter, the docks, and various neighborhoods. Of course, there are some places near the city that are of note as well. The Lost City, a network of caves beneath the more destitute parts of the city, and some even outside the walls. It is ruled by a line of Barons.


The Hammerites: The Order of the Hammer is a orderly technotheological organization based around the worship of a deity known as the Builder. Their clergy is strictly male, and wield notable magic. The Acolytes of the Hammer also are notable warriors, capable of wielding their hammers in both construction and combat. Their religion is the primary religion of the City, however, many of its citizens aren't particularly religious. Hammerites have the legal authority to enforce the law. Novices also cannot speak while on holy ground, although the duties of a novice are not elaborated past do what you are told. Many of the technological advances found in the City are due to the strong Hammerite presence.

The Mechanists: An offshot of the Hammerites that are a little more zealous (which can be intimidating, as the Hammerites are often called 'fanatics' but non-believers) yet also less traditionally handicapped. They are a very small sect after their founder, Father Karras, was outed as a mad fanatic who sought to kill all organic life to appease the Builder (nothing suggested that it would), yet have a stronger female following than the traditional Hammerites (female clergy). Rather than sheer technological innovation, the Mechanists build rather than invent, and have steam powered robots in their churches. They also somehow found the Lost City.

The Pagans: The opposing religion to the Order of the Hammer (and by extension, the Mechanists) who worship the Trickster. Their theology embraces the exact opposite of the Hammerites, a chaotic, nature-driven society without cities or advanced technology. There are no open followers of this religion in the City, although some of the caves under and around the City are known as their territory. Among their human followers, some unusual creatures (that might very well be human/animal hybrids) and shamans with some odd powers. Before the rise of the Mechanists, the Trickster himself was actually slain in a spell gone wrong, however, his followers believe he will return.

The Mages: A conclave of spellcasters who live outside the boundaries of the City who wield magics based on Air, Earth, Wind, and Fire. Their citadel has been seen by few, and they rarely interact with any of the City's inhabitants. They have on occasion been known to hire mercenaries whenever some potent bodes ill for them, however. They do take apprentices, however selective they may be.

Thieves Guild: An organized group of thieves that work mostly independently but pay a Warden for support. At a time, they worked out of a single tavern in a shady part of town, but since that guild was almost entirely arrested when the Mechanists became more popular (they are no longer very popular), they now opt to operate out of several all over the City.

The Keepers: An organization dedicated to watching and the maintenance of balance in all things. Their numbers increase selectively, and are composed entirely of volunteers, coupled with a rigorous training program consisting of the art of being unseen, swordplay, and archery. They possess magical abilities unlike those of any other order (and are arguably far more powerful) but seem rather to prefer their mastery of being unseen. The first and foremost most notable aspect of this society is that it is almost entirely hands off, leading so that almost nobody knows of their existence, even in legend.

The City Watch: Soldiers of the Baron. The Watch is equipped with sword and bow, primarily, and have state of the art facilities. Although their prisons are interestingly archaic, and most men seem to confuse or forget most of their Codes (attributed to the swift and recent modernization of the Guard).

The Nobles: The cream of the crop, with all the benefits of wealth, and directly beneath the Baron himself. They often have their own bands of guards who wear their colors. And they are undeniably rich, and often greedy.

Everyone Else: Yeah, just about everyone else.

Other Comments: The mechanists possess crossbows and some of their machines actually seem to have small explosive firearms. Non-Glyph (and thus all non-Keeper magic) is performed through a wand, and therefore impossible without one. Their are artifacts with some magical powers of their own, by they are very few and far between. For a detailed beastiary, please reference the wiki.

Additional information here.
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